Opera Browser can safe your Laptop battery life – Experts View

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Opera on Thursday announced a dedicated power-saving mode in the developer version of its Web browser.

Tests showed it extended laptop battery life by up to 50 percent against Google Chrome, the company said.

The browser will suggest that users enable the power-saving mode when their laptop battery has 20 percent of capacity left. Clicking on the battery icon in the browser after a laptop is disconnected from its power cable activates it.

“To some degree, this is about allowing savvy browser power users to kick the tires around the new features,” said Al Hilwa, a research director at IDC Seattle. “Developer audiences are both demanding of their browsers and also tolerant of buggy code to a degree if positioned properly to them.”

Opera released the feature through its developer channel so it could “test out websites and Web apps to ensure content renders correctly in the new browser release,”

Testing the Limits

Opera tested the power-saving mode on two laptops — a Lenovo X250 powered by an Intel Core i7-5600U processor and a Dell XPS 13, both with 16 GB of RAM running on Windows 10 with 64-bit high-performance power mode.

It used Selenium WebDriver to load 11 popular websites, including YouTube, onto the devices.

Each page was opened in a separate tab, without previous ones being closed, and was scrolled five times, then left alone for a minute.

The test was conducted repeatedly until the laptop batteries were drained.

The power-saving feature might prove attractive to users, thereby giving them the opportunity to do more on their computers.

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