Google Science Journal Lets You ‘Embrace Your Inner Scientist’

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Google has announced a new Android app called Science Journal aimed at budding scientists. The app is part of the company’s “Making & Science” initiative.

Once installed, the app will use the smartphone’s various sensors to record various data to help kids and adults explore and measure the world around them.

“Science Journal is a tool for doing science with your smartphone. You can use the sensors in your phone or connect to external sensors to conduct experiments on the world around you. Organize your ideas into projects, make predictions, take notes and collect data in multiple trials, then annotate and explore your results. It’s the lab notebook you always have with you,” says the Google Play Store.

Google has also teamed up with Exploratorium, a California-based public learning laboratory, in designing kits that can be used with the Science Journal app.

“These Science Journal kits include inexpensive sensors, microcontrollers and craft supplies that bring science to life in new ways,” says Google.

Some of these kits are available for purchase only in the U.S.

Some mobile apps are already available in the market that work similarly to Science Journal. However, the latest app takes a thorough approach by allowing users to record the collected data in charts and graphs. Users also have the option to take notes of their observations.

Science Journal app will enable users take voice notes when taking measurements, which will allow them to remember more details. Users can also organize their experiments into different projects and add photos when an experiment is running.

Science Journal will definitely help students who are learning new things. Moreover, Google says the app will help adults to embrace their “inner scientist.”

The Science Journal app is available as a free download from the Google Play Store. The download file weighs only 14 MB and customers need a smartphone running on Android 4.4 KitKat to use the app.

Check out a short video on the latest Science Journal app.

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