Microsoft Overhauls Paint App for Windows 10

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What many are describing as a long-overdue update could soon be coming to Microsoft’s Paint app. Videos posted over the weekend by two YouTube users preview a “completely redesigned app” with new features, including a user community, stickers and the ability to create images in 3D.

Some Microsoft watchers are speculating the updated Paint could be part of a wider company project codename “Beihai” that appears to involve developments for the HoloLens holographic computing system. Late last year, Microsoft posted several job listings mentioning Beihai, including one describing a focus on “building groundbreaking 3D experiences across all devices: phone, tablet, desktop and HoloLens.”

It’s possible more details could emerge during an October 26 Windows 10 event that Microsoft will stream live. In the meantime, users can download the new version of Paint through Microsoft’s WindowsBlogItalia site.

‘Many More Features’

The YouTube videos showing the new Paint in action were discovered by Twitter user WalkingCat, who also first called attention to Microsoft’s Beihai job listings last year. In a tweet late Sunday night, WalkingCat also posted a link to the Paint download page on Microsoft’s Italian language site.

Published yesterday, the WindowsBlogItalia post described the new Paint app as “very stable,” though still in development. With “a brand new online interface with the Windows 10 style, it is perfect for use with the touch or pen and has many more features than the one currently pre-installed in Windows.”

Those features include the ability to customize text, create forms in both 2D and 3D, import and export 3D models and discuss creations with others in an online community.

WindowsBlogItalia noted that the new version of Paint can be installed by users with the Windows 10 November Update (Build 10586), Anniversary Update (Build 14393) or Redstone 2 (Build 14936 or later) 64-Bit.

New Windows 10 Build Updates Photos

For now, Microsoft isn’t saying much more about what its plans are for the October 26 event. However, on Friday, the company did announce the release of its latest Insider Preview build for Windows 10.

The Insider Preview Build 14942 for PC adds a number of new capabilities for Windows 10 users, including an improved touchpad experience and the ability to collapse the app list in the Start menu, according to a blog post by Windows and Devices Group software engineer Dona Sarkar. It also fixes several issues with previous versions of Windows 10, such as the tendency for Windows Defender’s Antimalware Service Executable to sometimes use “an unexpectedly large amount of CPU.”

Microsoft’s latest build also updates the Photos app, adding a horizontal navigation bar “that makes it easier to view memories by Albums and Folders. Other new Photos features include a light viewing mode for pictures, support for full-screen viewing of individual photos and the ability to view OneDrive photos throught Xbox One.

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