How to Stop Auto Download on Google Allo

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Google Allo app is to surely grow in the coming days and for now not many users are talking of a great experience with it except for the praise for Google Assistant. The Google Assistant is surely helpful, interactive and the artificial intelligence works well there but is the regular chat with other contacts full fledged when it comes to features?

One of the regular issues for smartphone issues apart from the battery is the storage that they get and have to keep cleaning it from time to time, manually. When you are a part of a group in these messaging apps, you would rather want to have the app not download all the media automatically because there are a lot of forwarded pictures that you never really wanted.

Another reason why you wouldn’t want the auto download of the media files is the data that it consumes. You don’t want unnecessary usage of the data, and in WhatsApp there is an option to download media when the device is connected through Wi-Fi. Is there something available on Google Allo?

Unfortunately, you don’t have such flexibility here but Google has included an option to just stop the download of any media with a setting. To enable that, go to Settings in the Allo app and there is an option of “Always Download Media”. Uncheck this and it will prevent media from getting automatically downloaded.

If you turn this option off, any photo or video sent to you will wait for your command for getting downloaded. This helps in two ways – Saving space and saving data, though we wish there was an option to change the setting when using Wi-Fi and when using data network.

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