Internet of Robotic Things: Secure, Harmless Helpers or Vulnerable, Vicious Foes?

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Experts say robots will be commonplace in 10 years. “Many respondents see advances in [artificial intelligence] and robotics pervading nearly every aspect of daily life by the year 2025—from distant manufacturing processes to the most mundane household activities.People are increasingly connecting the broadening array of robots to the Internet and IoT devices, including sensors, to add functionality.“A new generation of robots uses wireless networking, big data, machine learning, open-source, and the Internet of Things to improve how they assist us in tasks from driving to housekeeping to surgery.

The Internet of Robotic Things will encompass more than robots working in factories. “We see IoT creating autonomous control loops where components that aren’t considered traditional robots are automated, delivering close-looped intelligence on the floor, generally through a connection with the Internet.

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Robots and close-looped autonomous control systems use sensors to provide real-time data about the environment and status of these robotic IoT devices. Remote control systems respond to changes in sensor data, making changes in robot behavior based on changes in IoT tasks in progress and in environmental factors.


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