Full Stack Developers, Who They Are and How Much They Cost

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Launching a new product or startup is an essential pivot in a life of any business, no matter whether it’s the first time something new is about to begin or whether you’re opening new product lines every year, you still need experts who will be actually working on your new idea. In such a way, hiring qualified staff is as important for your business as all the sales strategies and marketing plans, unique promotion ideas and advertising campaigns. The developer pool and costs are also essential for those who are working on a new startup. A skilled dedicated team to implement all your ideas requires detailed research and is in fact a challenging task even for an experienced HR manager who will have to make the right decision after monitoring full stack developer salary, back-end and front-end web developer salary, resumes of the candidates, their skills and experience, and come up with the best hiring solution for the company.  Full stack developer is an expert who does both front-end and back-end, and as you understand, this implies a huge set of skills.

Who Is a Full Stack Developer

Historically, the term “full stack” means an ability of the coder to do anything from managing design, server, business logic, hosting services, data storage etc, that is to do everything necessary from end-to-end of the future product. Nowadays, “full stack” refers to front-end and back-end technologies, – Forbes informs.

Modern IT market complies more and more complicated products and services, so it becomes harder to find an expert who would be able to make significant contributions to all the diverse parts of the product.

At the same time, AdMag defines full stack as something totally brand new and different from comprising only front-end and back-end. It is rather front-end, back-end and all the connected things from the browser to a toaster that is run in JavaScript. According to AdMag, full stack web developer has become the best job in the U.S. in 2016, surpassing even data scientists.

Being the leading market, US market shows tendencies towards remote work.

The American Bureau of Statistics reported in 2016 that 22% of employees in America worked out of office, with 43% of Americans with the degree replied they wanted to work off-house. According to FastCompany, most of the people will become remote workers by 2020.

According to AIN, IT industry in Ukraine had 24% of remote employees in 2016.

In 2017, this number has grown with AIN showing that 83% of 123 thousand of registered freelancers work in IT.

Full Stack Web Developer Salary in Different Countries

Before hiring a full stack coder and offering him a salary, find out how much do web developers make. Of course, developer’s wage depends on his experience, deep insights into technologies and skills, for example, junior web developer salary, front end developer salary or web designer salary will be lower than regular or senior full stack dev, because he has fewer responsibilities. At the same time, the country of residence does matter as well, since the salary basically depends on the economical situation in the country.

According to Codementor, the most expensive freelance developers are based in Australia ($74 per hour) followed by Switzerland ($73 per hour) and the United States ($70 per hour). French and Swedish devs earn $67 per hour. Ukraine has the lowest average web developer salary with $44 per hour.

A full stack dev in the United Kingdom makes between $65.800 per year (It Job Watch), in France median salary is $58.000 per year (Glassdoor), in Germany full stack web developer salary is $64.800 per year (Glassdoor), and in Netherlands, annual salary is $37700 (Glassdoor). An average full stack developer in Ukraine earns $19.200 annually according to DOU.

How Can Full Stack Developer Salary Change in the Future

Full stack is if high demand on modern IT market and it is more likely to grow and spread to other spheres in the future, experts believe.

“Now more than ever, companies are looking for full stack developers,” says the manager of business development at Addison Group Dan Miller, as TechRepublic quotes. He explains it by the fact that software influences all sectors of business, so business holders expect to have the best business interface and customer service and everyone understands how everything functions.

Designers, software developers, and engineers are searched by companies more and more forming one of the largest mismatches in demand and supply, as the vice president of Indeed Prime Terence Chiu said. Taking into consideration, how many firms in various industries all over the world are in need of full stack devs, 2017 remains a job seeker’s market for a technical pool, – TechRepublic informs.

Taking into consideration the information above and the prediction that full stack will become more of a high demand on the market, it is logical to assume that the salary of devs will significantly rise.

Why Hiring Remote Development Is Beneficial

According to WhiteLane, only in Europe in 2016-2017 there were more than 4600 IT outsourcing contracts, and the client satisfaction of the remote performance of these contracts proved to be 89%.

TechRepublic writes about 10 reasons why hiring remotely is better:

  1. Less stress for remote employees.
  2. Great connection between remote workers due to social media and tools.
  3. Cost reduction when hiring remote employees.
  4. No need for presenteeism and no distraction from work.
  5. Remote work fosters agile workplace and new jobs.
  6. No compulsion to work, because of choice that remote work gives choice.
  7. You benefit from a happier worker.
  8. More engagement of remote workers.
  9. Remote places for work are better than offices.
  10. Telecommuting at work is better than commuting.

To achieve good results, it is essential to build a great team that would be working on the projects. Logically, this will take more time when working remotely, so in Global Software Development Handbook, it is recommended to establish long-term relations with the offshore and outstaffing companies in order to achieve key goals of the company. Training remote staff is called an investment into the future, as it is expected that experts are hired for long-term collaboration, which is more effective.

There are a few ways you can hire a dedicated team of devs for your project: hire a local team to work in the office, hire freelancers or a team remote developers from the outstaffing company. Local hire requires serious financial expenditures, because of the office rent and devs wages, but what would you do if your dream team of developers is somewhere in Australia? You can use freelance platforms and hire freelancers which is a good option if you need a short-term job to fulfill. However, despite cheap costs of the freelance job, you will have to spend a lot of time to make a dedicated team out of separate experts, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll succeed. Moreover, you cannot expect freelancers to be engaged into your project for several reasons such as involvement in a few projects. Outstaffing is the best option for you if you need to hire a team of dedicated devs to work on your project for a long time. Due to outstaffing, you will build your dev team with less time and cost. Hiring a dedicated team from an outstaffing company is more flexible, reliable and cheaper.  


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