‘Technology key to Nigeria’s security challenges’

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The Chief Executive Officer, Hamgad Security Services, Hammed Ibrahim has said the deployment of technology would help address the country’s security challenges.

He said in modern warfare, technology does the ground work which human beings complete.

Speaking on the sideline of inaugurating the firm’s new outlet in The Palms, Lekki, Lagos, he said technology has helped to prevent the commission of crimes and  helped to identify and unknot serious security challenge.

“If we look at the advanced countries right now, they don’t use manpower to fight security challenges, rather they invest a lot in electronic security. So that is what we are now introducing to Nigeria because a lot of people go and get a recruit security guards and things like that to secure their homes and businesses when we have electronic devices that can do the job better. We have security equipment with battery power, because of our peculiar electricity challenges. These are battery-powered equipment that when you are not at home you know what is going on in your house. If you even want to open the door of your house, you can do that from your phone. There are other different gadgets which are battery-powered that can be used to secure yourself, your home and your business,” he said.

He said the public sector has realised the place of technology in fighting crimes and putting in place, a secured environment for businesses to thrive.

“To be honest, the government is increasingly realising the place of technology. We have a lot of partners in different agencies and they are adopting the culture because they have realised that if anything happens, they don’t necessarily have to go there before they can get the information they need because there are equipment that they can put in strategic places and will get collate all the information they need that will facilitate the delivery of their jobs,” he said.

According to him, contrary to the believe that funding is the major challenge of businesses in the country, the major problem is identifying the customers. He said identifying the customers is the most important thing because going to a place where they don’t need what is sold could be frustrating.

He commended the Federal Government for taking steps that have led to relative stability in the foreign exchange (forex) space. He said: “Like every other business that operates at the international space, forex affected us two years ago but the thing about Nigerians is we always adapt. We started bringing in product that customers actually need, that they request for so that means we don’t go and buy things that they don’t need and just keep them in the shop for display. So that’s why with the exchange rate we let them know what the challenges are and when they are willing to get it, we get it for them.’’

He said the vision of Hamgad is to be the destination for security, safety equipment in the country. “With Hamgad, we are diversifying security to make sure that we capture the entire market space in Nigeria. We all understand that security is a huge challenge in Nigeria and that created a vacuum for us to come in and basically focus on the sale aspect which is an immediate solution to people whereby they can use the likes of security safety cameras and others,” he added.

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