Konga the next Walmart, Amazon or Hybrid Commerce in Nigeria?

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5 (100%) 2 votes

Ok here’s my take on this new romance between Konga and Yudala.

I’ve known Konga for quite some time and once in a while I trade with the Nigeria Online mall. Yes! I do patronize all of them (Konga, Jumia, Payporte), so I am not advocating for any of these platforms.

Years ago, I had a brief meeting with the Founder of Konga, Sim Shagaya. This meeting broadened my understanding to what konga is all about. Sincerely, in my own opinion, Konga is way bigger than just an online business (e-commerce/marketplace), most of their team players are fantastic marketers and they also have amazing programmers that are always building products(applications), yes their own applications and they don’t stop until the application works perfectly.

I am excited about this merger because I know Konga and Yudala will be solving real life shopping experience problems. The most common challenge faced by e-commerce companies in Nigeria doesn’t have to do with just logistics. Category management, authenticity/trust is also key to the success of any online mall. Customers want to see and feel the products before paying which explains why COD actually work; though this is still a big challenge at the same time due to high return rate.

I believe the new Konga and it new physical store (smartstore) backup will give it customers a new and improved shopping experience.

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