Jet Power


Extreme ultimate adventure game JET POWER by TechRegime now available on Google Play Store. You are going to fly in the sky, fasten your seat belt and get ready to fly. This game is full of action and adventure. You will pass through deep valleys, barriers and multiple obstacles. Just don’t let your jet crash. […]

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Meet the most interesting Puzzle Game App by TechRegime

Meet the most interesting puzzle game app by TechRegime – “SELF PUZZLE CHALLENGE”. Now available on google play store. Easy to play, simple, fun and  suitable for everyone, customization with option of your own picture. ************************** PUZZLE FEATURES ************************** ✓ Select pictures from device gallery ✓ Set puzzle difficult level ✓ In App camera to snap new […]

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Facebook’s Oculus To Start Selling Hand Controllers

Facebook says it’s working to make virtual reality more social as the industry gets more crowded. With a host of leading tech companies now selling VR products, Facebook’s Oculus division is hoping to distinguish its offerings with more interactive and social experiences. At an event Thursday, the company announced a long-awaited shipping date — Dec. […]

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Mark Zuckerberg shared this video of his ‘crazy virtual reality’ where ‘you can experience anything’

Look at yourself in social VR with this mirror feature. There’s no question the next big thing that’s coming to entertain you is virtual reality. But when you see people with those bizarre looking masks on, VR looks like it’s an isolating experience: like you’ll be hanging out with imaginary friends in your own little […]

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Turn your iPad or iPhone into an awesome portable games console

  We review the innovative Gamevice controller, which snaps firmly onto your iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPad Pro and adds joypad controls and buttons for all of your gaming needs. We’ve reviewed a fair few mobile games controllers here at Recombu, which connect via Bluetooth to your iPhone, iPad or Android device and […]

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Smartphone devices to receive latest version of Google’s mobile OS ‘Android Marshmallow update’

Android smartphone owners who are still sporting the older version of Google’s mobile operating system are always on the lookout for news about their devices’ Marshmallow update. Here are some of the reported schedules of roll-out. Android Authority has published an extensive list of Android devices that have received and are scheduled to receive the latest […]

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HP debuts gaming PCs

HP has big plans to turn around its flagging PC sales by focusing on a group of consumers who upgrade their computers frequently and spend more money on them: gamers. On Thursday, HP launched its new gamer-centric Omen brand of laptops and desktops — the first wave of which is designed for mid-range consumers; a […]

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The world’s most popular operating system will soon offer virtual reality

Google has unveiled the latest updates to its next version of Android — the tentatively titled Android N. The newest iteration of the world’s most popular operating system gets improved security, performance, notifications, and most interesting of all, virtual reality. That platform, called Daydream, will rely on your smartphone to transport you to a different […]

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Acer joins work on high-end VR headset for theme parks

Acer is joining forces with the game studio Starbreeze to develop a high-end virtual reality headset designed for arcades and theme parks. Starbreeze has already been showcasing the headset, called StarVR, for the past year; going forward, development of StarVR will be a collaboration between the two companies.StarVR’s standout feature is its wide field of vision, which is […]

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New Yorker cover brings Manhattan to life in augmented reality

New Yorker cover brings Manhattan to life in augmented reality

The New Yorker‘s latest cover is designed to literally leap off the page. The esteemed 91-year-old magazine is taking a step towards the future with its first-ever augmented reality cover this week, allowing readers to hover their smartphone or tablet over it and watch the New York city skyline come to life in a three-dimensional animation. […]

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