It Takes Only Nine Minutes For Cyber Criminals To Steal And Use Your Credit Card Information

Be informed; the FTC tested how long it takes for criminals to use personal data dumped online, including credit card information, and found it can take just nine minutes before thieves try to use it. Your credit card information is valuable, and for criminals who want to learn how to find and use it — there’s […]

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UK’s new cyber security centre to debunk scare tactics and lead by example

The UK government has had enough of clichédcyber dementor imagery, scary-sounding industry rhetoric and impossible security advice that the average consumer has no hope of following. And it’s hoping that by taking a less hyperbolic, data-driven approach to tackling cyber security it can encourage industry to follow suit and focus on persistent and prolific security problems — with the […]

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Common password mistakes

Never use personal information such as your name, birthday, or spouse’s name. Personal information is often publicly available, which makes it much easier for someone to guess your password. Use a longer password. Your password should be at least six characters long, and for extra security it should ideally be at least 12 characters (if […]

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How to Avoid Cyber-squatters and Stay Safe Online

Type the URL – and make sure it’s totally accurate When you wish to visit a specific website, it’s safer to type the URL into the address bar on your web browser – instead of clicking on a link. Having typed the URL, you should carefully check that it is correct – before you click […]

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Study: Third-Party Apps Pose Risks for Enterprises

Since mobile computing put an end to the good old days when IT departments had absolute control over software deployed in the enterprise, there’s been a rise in employees’ use of third-party applications, a rise that poses security risks to corporate environments. The number of third-party apps connected to corporate environments increased by 30 fold over […]

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Google Makes It Easier to Do the 2-Step

Google on Monday began rolling out a new two-step authentication feature, Google Prompt, targeting enterprise employees. The new option consists of a pop-up that displays a mobile user’s name and profile image, and that specifies the location and device involved in the attempted sign-in. The device owner is asked whether to allow or deny the […]

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Orlando nightclub shooting: Facebook safety check activated after deadliest mass shooting in US history

Facebook has activated its safety check feature so people can let their friends know they are safe after the deadliest mass shooting in US history took place in Orlando, Florida. At least 50 people were killed and 53 injured after a gunman stormed the LGBT Pulse nightclub at around 2am Sunday morning. Police identified the attacker […]

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Federal Trade Commission(America) Warns Of Mobile Phone ID Hacking

Mobile phones have become the latest target of hackers, according to a new note published on the FTC’s website by Lorrie Cranor, the FTC’s chief technologist. According to this post, which detailed a first-hand account of a hack, there is risk for mobile phones to be hacked and for identity information to be stolen by those hackers. According to […]

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Upshoot in MTN subscriber base, despite Nigerian and Ugandan drops

MTN grew its total subscriber base by 1% to 230.3-million over the year to end-April despite a 7% drop in Nigerian customers and 11% drop in Ugandan customers to comply with stricter registration requirements in those countries, executive chairman Phuthuma Nhleko said at the network’s annual general meeting on Wednesday. In its home market, MTN […]

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(EPPAN) inaugurates committee on ATM, PoS frauds

Lagos – The Electronic Payment Providers Association of Nigeria (EPPAN) has inaugurated a committee to handle frauds arising from using ATM cards and other e-payment platforms. The Executive Secretary of the association, Mrs Regha Onajite, said in an interview in Lagos on Tuesday that the committee was made up of seasoned professionals and industry experts. […]

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