Cook ‘not sure’ Apple will meet iPhone 7 Plus demand by the end of the year

Apple is working to match the demand for the iPhone 7 Plus as best as it can, but it might not meet all the demand by the end of the year, CEO Tim Cook said on the investor call discussing its fourth-quarter earnings. “It’s hard to say,” Cook said in response to an investor question […]

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Twitter decides to release earnings while most of us are sleeping because reasons

A lot of the industry watchers that follow Twitter are out  on the West Coast, where the company is based. And for good reason! The Twitter diaspora exists in a large force out here and are great to keep in touch with in order to keep context, and it’s important to be in general geographic […]

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Facebook plans to reduce censorship, show more offensive but newsworthy content

Facebook will soon display more graphic content including violence and nudity that would normally violate its policies as long as the imagery is newsworthy or important enough. Joel Kaplan, Facebook’s VP of global policy writes “Our intent is to allow more images and stories without posing safety risks or showing graphic images to minors and […]

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New Russian project ‘VERSO’ will detect a face in any TV channel in real-time

These days you tend to hear about Russia in terms of its government hacking the US election. But some canny Russian developers have put their skills to something more productive: monitoring the TV appearances of world leaders. A team of Russian developers have released an AI powered algorithm that tracks all world leaders activities in […]

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Apple Reportedly Talks About Investing In McLaren

According to Financial Times, Apple has approached the British carmaker McLaren to discuss about a possible acquisition or to investment into the brand. It is also said that the talks have been happening for months now. McLaren has been a known name when it comes to Formula One racing and the team has been among […]

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How startups can use data to grow smarter

Tech investing isn’t what it used to be — even compared to six months ago. Investors are applying greater scrutiny to deals. Many wonder if the days of the mega round that produced the likes of Snapchat, Uber and Magic Leap arefading quickly. Founders are realizing they can’t favor growth over profitability, or vice-versa — […]

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SAP Steps Up: Working with Government to Make the World a Better Place

In a series of meetings with world leaders, SAP CEO Bill McDermott is advocating partnership between governments and business leaders to help make the world a better place to live. There’s a new challenge on the global table, and it is a bold one: to ensure prosperity for all by 2030. This ambitious target is […]

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This Gang Member Turned Millionaire Entrepreneur Just Shared Some Brilliant Business Advice

At the age of 39, Ryan Blair has an impressive list of accomplishments that include becoming a multimillionaire CEO and venture capitalist, as well as a best-selling author. But those achievements are even more noteworthy when you discover his background: Blair is a high school dropout and former Los Angeles gang member. In a recent […]

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Why Samsung May Be in More Trouble Than Donald Trump

When the mighty fall, they don’t always know how to react. After all, they’re mighty. Falling is for lesser sorts. Yet the last couple of weeks have seen two famous brands fall into disrepute by their own hands. Careless hands, small hands. Samsung has managed to make a mess of theGalaxy Note 7 launch . […]

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Softbank and Saudi Arabia’s PIF planning $100BN tech investment fund

Softbank has announced it is creating a new global tech investment fund, seeded with $25 billion of its own money. The fund, which will be London, UK based —  with a working title of the ‘Softbank Vision Fund’ — is also set to be bolstered with up to $45BN from the public investment fund of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi […]

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