Scientists develop new hologram technology for fraud protection

Scientist have developed a new method to create holograms that can protect credit cards, driver’s licences etc from fraud. Scientists have developed a new way to create compact holograms which work across the spectrum of light, and may improve protection against fraud as well as lead to better entertainment displays. Holograms help protect credit cards, […]

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A new startup is making waves in the ad and marketing industry with a new technology that allows marketers to deliver content—proximity based marketing messages and context-driven promotional offers updates—to people’s cellphones using inaudible Smart Tones, no matter where they are. LISNR is the startup and brands like Budweiser have used it at concerts to […]

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Opera Browser can safe your Laptop battery life – Experts View

Opera on Thursday announced a dedicated power-saving mode in the developer version of its Web browser. Tests showed it extended laptop battery life by up to 50 percent against Google Chrome, the company said. The browser will suggest that users enable the power-saving mode when their laptop battery has 20 percent of capacity left. Clicking […]

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Discover the new Samsung ‘eye-catching’ Charm wearable

Samsung’s Charm fitness tracker counts steps and tells you when you’re getting a call, text, or social media update. But this isn’t just a regular wearable, Samsung says. No, this one has a “sleek design” and looks more like a “piece of jewelry than an electronic device.” It comes in gold, black, and rose quartz. […]

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Apple invests in Chinese Uber rival Didi Chuxing

Apple has invested $1bn (£693m) in Didi Chuxing, the car-hailing app that has a greater market share than US rival Uber in China. Tim Cook, chief executive, said that the move would help Apple to better understand the Chinese market. Didi Chuxing, previously known as Didi Kuaidi, said it represented the single largest investment in […]

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Periscope now lets you broadcast from a DJI drone

Periscope added GoPro support earlier this year, allowing drone owners to mount one of the cameras and live stream to the service. If you own one of the more recent DJI drones though, Periscope will now natively connect to the drone’s remote to broadcast footage live. In an app update this week, the new feature will […]

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REVEALED: Windows 10 Mobile will support fingerprint scanners this summer

Microsoft is planning to support fingerprint readers for the first time in Windows 10 Mobile this summer. While we’ve seen facial recognition thanks to Windows Hello, unlocking Windows phones with just a fingerprint has been missing. Microsoft revealed at its WinHEC conference this week that it plans to support fingerprint scanners with the Anniversary Update to […]

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Google Gives iOS Users 1st check at Gboard App

Google on Thursday introduced Gboard, an app that combines search with a new soft keyboard for mobile devices running iOS. Gboard, which supports glide typing, allows users to perform searches from the keyboard without leaving the application they’re in. Once the information is found, they can paste it into their application without leaving the keyboard. […]

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Apple and SAP to Develop IPhone, IPad Apps for Businesses

Apple and SAP to Develop IPhone, IPad Apps for Businesses

Development kit will let SAP users write native iOS apps SAP to build its own software for health care and industry Apple Inc. and SAP SE are joining up to deliver software for iPhones and iPads, opening a new avenue for Apple to reach businesses at a time when sales of its mobile devices have […]

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Huawei bring together businesses on cloud tech adoption

Leading Chinese technology firm, Huawei, has described cloud technology as the future of entrepreneurship, adding that hardware innovation, software re-architecture, and data intelligence have become the three most important factors for business success. It stated this during its second Open Cloud Congress West Africa summit in Lagos, with the theme, ‘Transforming with Cloud: Setting New […]

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