It Takes Only Nine Minutes For Cyber Criminals To Steal And Use Your Credit Card Information

Be informed; the FTC tested how long it takes for criminals to use personal data dumped online, including credit card information, and found it can take just nine minutes before thieves try to use it. Your credit card information is valuable, and for criminals who want to learn how to find and use it — there’s […]

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Announcing Free Marketing Automation for all MailChimp users!

Drum roll, please… We’re excited to announce that our powerful marketing automation features are now free for all MailChimp users! No matter what type of plan you’re on—Forever Free, Monthly, Pro, or Pay As You Go—you can now send personalized automations at no extra cost. An extra set of hands for your marketing Automation helps […]

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Qwilr, which turns boring business documents into attractive websites, raises $1.5M

Qwilr, an Australian startup that helps companies turn boring PDFs and other static sales documents into attractive websites, has grabbed $1.5 million to develop its product and expand its global reach. Sydney-based Qwilr raised $500,000 from Sydney Seed Fund and Macdoch Ventures in 2015, but its new financing is provided by Germany’s Point Nine, a […]

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MacOS Sierra Hidden Features You Should Know About

Apple has finally refreshed its operating system for their Mac computers and renamed it to macOS. The latest version of macOS is the macOS Sierra and it brings so many new things to the table apart from a new name. In this post we will look at some of the best 5 hidden features of […]

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How to solve a Play Store Error 941 During an Install or Update

Google Play Store is the official store for the app download and install, as well as the one that comes pre-installed onto an Android phone so that you don’t to worry about any security while downloading the apps and don’t need any third-party stores for the same. While this is the official one from Google, […]

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Microsoft’s Surface Studio

Hands-on with Microsoft’s Surface Studio

We knew Microsoft was launching a new Surface device at today’s big Windows 10 event. And we had caught wind that the newest entry in the company’s in-house hybrid would be an all-in-one of some sort – something along the lines of a Windows version of the iMac. What we didn’t see coming, however, was how […]

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How to make Video Calls On Your Whatsapp

WhatsApp is for sure one of the biggest apps for an smartphone OS because of the easiest chat platform that it offers, no wonder Facebook had to pay $19 billion to acquire it and it still is growing by numbers every day. When there were voice calls introduced by the developer, it took upon several […]

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How to Reset Mac System Management Controller or SMC

Macs are very different from Windows systems and I know I am stating the obvious here. But it is important to mention this to make the fact clear that fixing both of these machines are different too. While Windows has a very straightforward way of fixing things, Macs can get a bit complex. But sometimes […]

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How to Stop Auto Download on Google Allo

Google Allo app is to surely grow in the coming days and for now not many users are talking of a great experience with it except for the praise for Google Assistant. The Google Assistant is surely helpful, interactive and the artificial intelligence works well there but is the regular chat with other contacts full […]

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