Top 10 new iOS 10 features, macOS Sierra and Apple Tv

Siri has got a lot of new functions in iOS 10, macOS Sierra and the latest version of Apple TV. The voice controlled personal assistant now works seamlessly with many third party apps. This is the major change which brought by the newest update. Siri’s ability to control non-Apple applications opens up an entire horizon […]

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Nike Self-Lacing HyperAdapt Shoes to be Available from Nov. 28th

Back in March, Nike had introduced the HyperAdapt shoes that would automatically tighten without the need for a lace. Inspired from the movie Back To The Future II, where something similar was shown, the shoe is now a reality and we finally know when can one purchase it – November 28th. The availability will be […]

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How to turn off Facebook live video notifications

It can be useful finding out when friends are broadcasting live on Facebook, but unfortunately — depending on your friends, of course — there is a good chance they won’t be broadcasting something so interesting you’ll want to drop whatever you’re doing to watch there and then. Facebook will alert you when someone is live, […]

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3 Ways to locate your Phone when it’s on Silent Mode

  Let’s assume after the day’s work, you arrive home hours later after a meeting and you don’t seem to find your phone, You may have earlier set your phone on silent mode because you don’t want to be disturbed. You used a friend’s phone to call your number but no phone rings. Has my […]

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self drive cars

Self Drive Cars: Will Tesla or Google pull ahead of competition?

Google and Tesla agree autonomous vehicles will make streets safer, and both are racing toward a driverless future. But when Google tested its self-driving car prototype on employees a few years ago, it noticed something that would take it down a different path from Tesla. Once behind the wheel of the modified Lexus SUVs, the […]

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Andela to empower Africa’s next generation in Engineering and Management

Andela,  a company that identifies the most talented software engineers and problem solvers in Africa and prepares them for successful careers with top global tech companies, is today announcing $24M in Series B funding to catalyze its growth across the African continent. Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s Chan Zuckerberg Initiative led the round, with participation […]

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