How To Earn Free Bitcoin

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5 (100%) 1 vote

Earn free Bitcoins by completing tasks on websites.

There are many websites that offer you the opportunity to earn free Bitcoins. With most of these sites, the concept is that you visit the site and just for looking at it you get a few Bitcoins. The concept has something in common with watching good old free TV. You watch a lot of ads and in between, you get something you actually want to see, like a film or music clips.

While this is a legitimate concept, the return on your invested time is very little. So when you earn Bitcoins from these advertising sites, the Bitcoins actually come at the cost of your time. As the saying goes ‘there is no free lunch’. But see for yourself, here is a list of some of the sites that are actually paying for completed tasks.

1, Earn Bitcoin by taking surveys, completing a task, and much more. >> Click here to start

2, Join the world #1 bitcoin community where users earn, learn, buy, sell and trade bitcoins >> Click here to start

3, Create a coinbase account to accept payments/rewards in BTC, LTC and ETH. >> Click here to start

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