Tesla now offers home charging installations in certain markets

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4.5 (90%) 6 votes

Tesla is launching a new “Home Charging Installation Program” for its customers in order to simplify the logistics around the electric car buying process.

The service is currently only offered in a few markets in North America.

Until today, Tesla buyers had to arrange their own home charging situation, which can range from virtually nothing by just using Tesla’s included mobile connector and a regular 110-volt plug to a full wall connector installation.

They had to reach out to local electricians, get quotes, and time their installation to hopefully match the delivery of their new Tesla vehicle.

But now we receive reports of Tesla offering to take care of the home charging installation directly from the ordering process of a new vehicle.

Several potential buyers reached out to us after seeing the option appear in the online configurator of the Model S and Model X on Tesla’s website:

As mentioned in the option card on the configurator, it can simply be the installation of a 240-volt outlet to use Tesla’s mobile connector or it can include the installation of a hardwired Tesla Wall Connector.

Tesla confirmed to Electrek that they started offering the service in “a few key markets” in North America, which explains why not everyone is seeing the option on the online configurator.

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