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When you got your Spectrum TV, you have been told that you can select any series, movie or favorite program from the list as big as 10,000+. That means you can customize your TV watching experience, according to your lifestyle. Save budget and get fruitier experience. We will go in depth and explore the on-demand channels additional feature offered by Charter Cable TV deals.

Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV by charter spectrum offers you three types of packages in its Spectrum Cable services, namely Select, Silver and Gold. All three of these packages come with up come 150+ channels, and also an option to add extra entertainment by allowing users to select for themselves few more channels, series, movies, or talk shows from the archives, which is set on the bases of your location. It also gives you the option to add premium channels include sub-channels of HBO, SHOWTIME, and Cinemax.

How to get watch on-demand stuff?

You can search, browse, and watch thousands of On Demand movies and TV shows. Is your spectrum TV is ready to use then use your remote just press MENU the listing will show up with three categories the categories are Movies? TV Shows and Video Store. You can explore each category or use search to reach your desired program. When you perform a search, results include On Demand as well as Live programming. If you did not find what you are looking for then, wait for the list to get updates in a few days. Maybe some of the channels and series are not available because of your location. You can do that either by calling the technical support representative or by using the Spectrum TV app on your digital devices. You can also do that through the DVR user interface provided by the Spectrum Cable service.

Things in the on-demand archive

There are three categories in an on-demand list.

TV shows

TV Show menu gathers and displays all the TV shows available with your subscription series. You can see all available episodes by selecting a series. You can also expand the list to include TV shows available as part of other subscription packages, or available to rent.


Movies menu gathers and displays all the movies available with your subscription or to rent. You can also expand the list to include movies available as part of another subscription package.

Video store

While you can find thousands of On Demand programs available at no additional cost, we also offer a large selection of new and popular movie releases available to rent. To browse these titles, press MENU on the remote and select Video Store, or look for the Top Video Store Rentals row on the TV Shows and Movie screens.

Benefits of on-demand service

The most important benefit of the on-demand service is its convenience and availability on the tip of your palm. You don’t have to wait or buy any show or movie from outside of your residence. You can save your precious time and get whatever you need with one search.

It is a Pocket-Friendly

Many of the series and TV channels are added up to your list for free, depending on your bundle and location. Otherwise, if there is something from the movies, series or TV shows which are missing from the free list can be bought or subscribed with a small charge. You can save money that you waste on the purchase of expensive DVDs or cinema ticket charges by simply navigating through the list and purchasing from Charter Cable TV deals.

Marvel or DC movies

You can also enjoy 3D shows from Marvel and DC from your home. Enjoy the adventure of saving the world by any of your superhero in the on-demand listing. You can also get old videos, or moves related to these comic series and enjoy.

You can also continue watching on the go

Your on-demand channels will not be available on the TV. You can also watch anything from your list by installing Spectrum TV App on your PC or by going to the online page at https://watch.spectrum.net/ by logging in using your spectrum internet and spectrum login confidential. You can also watch them on your digital devices like smartphones and tablet.

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